Send Us Your RoadKing

Send Us Your RoadKing

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Performance Upgrades * 

Note: Some 10 meter radios come with echo from the factory. No cb radios come with echo from the factory. Check options (or picture) before adding echo.

SSB Optimization – Frequency Alignment

Alignment of the TX/RX frequencies are critical for SSB operation. We recommend an open clarifier mod be performed on radios such as Galaxy 949, 959, 979, 99, 94, 98, 2547, 2517.

Nitro Light Rings

LED light rings are installed behind your stock or clear knobs
Not available on Connex 366ce, Connex 3400, Stryker radios and a few others.

Knob Option

Channel and Meter Lights

Your stock channel LED and Meter backlight can be changed to a different color
Excludes: Stryker; Cobra LX models; Connex 366/3400/3600; Mirage Stealth; Ranger 2950/2970

Frequency Display – If radio has one

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 13 × 3 in